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Congratulations on completing the Sculpting Your Life “Bust Your Resistance” MONEY And ABUNDANCE quiz.

It’s time to DISCOVER the MINDTRAPS that are sabotaging your MONEY And ABUNDANCE success and seducing you into believing the Ideal Life, you desire and deserve is beyond your reach.

I call this the “Bust Your Resistance” quiz because RESISTANCE is one of the biggest Obstacles and Mindblocks you experience when you are seeking to shift your mind into a MINDSET OF SUCCESS.

I’m sure you will be surprised at what your TWO PROMINENT ONES are and more importantly how you will win your internal battle and struggle against them.

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Read this results report carefully. It gives you an honest firsthand look into your MINDTRAPS and why they continue to sabotage you, BLOCKING YOUR SUCCESS, and limiting your beliefs about your ability to MANIFEST THE MONEY AND ABUNDANCE necessary to activate and live an uncompromised life.

I also give you insight into why you keep fighting an uphill battle in releasing them. And the solutions, to shut down the insidious nonsense of your MINDTRAPS, so YOU finally live your life in the energy and flow of BEING FINANCIALLY FREE.

And as a heads up, although these are your prominent MONEY and ABUNDANCE MINDTRAPS there are others lurking in the background you may not be aware of and unless you know what they are, you will fall prey to them too.

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Where I do a deep dive into the psychology and reasons why you consistently fall prey to them and how you will WIN YOUR STRUGGLE against any MINDTRAP that seeks to sabotage and hold you back in your life. You can thank me in the masterclass:)


You may think a MINDTRAP is a limiting, negative, or sabotaging belief. You may even believe that there is nothing you can do about them. That is the furthest thing from the truth. I am here to tell you that if I can win the battle against my MINDTRAPS, you can too.

I believe, MINDTRAPS are deep unresolved roadblocks in your life, that continue to hold you hostage to living an unfulfilled life. Unless you resolve them, they become patterns and triggers you allow to hijack and take over your thought process and belief systems, creating barriers that deny you the success you desire and deserve in life.

These hidden barriers to your success, lurk in your conscious and unconscious mind. Always plotting in ways that hold you hostage and sabotage you. Unless you are able to identify and release them, they will literally paralyze you from taking the actions necessary to have the success you desire in life no matter what that looks like for you.


Until you know and are able to implement my 7 Step TUNING IN Process, which is a powerful solution to any MINDTRAPS you may have. You will continue to feel like a fish out of water.

Looking for solutions in all the wrong places. Feeling lost and out of control. Wishing and hoping things could be different.  And, the biggest life killer of all, GIVING UP ON YOU.

I will reveal and give you this 7 Step TUNING IN Process in its entirety on the FREE MASTERCLASS.

Until you make the DECISION to stop giving your power over to your MINDTRAPS, you will never be free to think and choose in ways that support your desires to have the MONEY AND ABUNDANCE that empowers you to be FINANCIALLY FREE and successful in life.


I know when all you hear and listen to is your inner critic. I know what it feels like to have fear and uncertainty be your normal. I know what it feels like to be in so much pain, it feels like there is no way out…that used to be me! I said used to be!!

When I decided, enough is enough, I went on a personal discovery journey using myself as the experiment, to understand my MINDTRAPS and why I continued to settle for an unfulfilled life, rather than one that was inspiring, empowering, and overflowing with possibilities, opportunities, and purpose.

After years of searching for answers as to why I continued to sabotage my life. I finally cracked the MINDTRAP CODE. More on that later, on the MASTERCLASS.

I have spent the last 15 years teaching people how to RESET, REWIRE and RECODE their conscious and subconscious mind for success and to identify the MINDTRAPS that Creep Into And Reside in your mind wreaking havoc on you on a daily basis.

I have spoken and shared stages with an extraordinary thought, business and spiritual leaders including, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, The Dali Lama, Robert Allen, Marci Shimoff, Brendon Burchard, Mike Koenigs, Alex Mandossian, Cynthia Kersey, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Beckwith and Marisa Peer just to name a few.

My courses and Tuning IN Brain Retraining Technology have been downloaded by more than 3,000,000 people worldwide. So, I would say, I am qualified to help you in your life too. I am excited to have that opportunity.

So whether you are struggling with money and abundance, self-confidence, reaching and maintaining your ideal weight and health, love and intimacy, powerful relationships, focus, and productivity, releasing stress and overwhelm, or whatever else is taking your focus and attention away from what you want in life.

What YOU need to know, is that MINDTRAPS show up in many different ways, some you may be aware of and some you are completely unaware of. Until you identify the MINDTRAPS, that has a silent grip on you…

  • They will shut down your ability to live in the power of your genius and greatness.
  • They will attack your belief systems and hold you hostage to living a life of mediocrity rather than one of extraordinariness
  • They will tear at the very fabric of your desire to have a life filled with joy, happiness, and love.
  • They will create a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty that will destroy the dreams

and desires that keep you up at night and excited about life.

 You do not believe in your abilities to live your Ideal Life because you actually do not believe you can, so you operate from an I should have, I could have, and hope for the best attitude, and you make decisions half-heartedly, living from wish to wish.

Now, Let’s DIVE DEEPER Into Your

 Both of these MINDTRAPS go hand in hand.

What I mean is, PROCRASTINATION, is the classic avoidance mentality. YOU are good at making excuses. You give yourself permission to put off what really needs to get done now. You actually are living in a frequency of “I’ll Get To It Later.”

PROCRASTINATION will ultimately sabotage your desire to make even the smallest changes in your life, deceiving you into making choices and decisions that are never in your best interest.

Being a slave to PROCRASTINATION is a dangerous place to live from. When you do you make numerous inexcusable excuses diffusing the energy it takes to create strong and empowering MONEY, ABUNDANCE, AND WEALTH BELIEFS.

 You do not believe in your abilities to live your Ideal Life because you actually do not believe you can, so you operate from an I should have, I could have, and hope for the best attitude, and you make decisions half-heartedly, living from wish to wish.

HOWEVER, when you apply laser-like focus and confidence to all you do, you will no longer fall prey to the false pretenses and debilitating energy of PROCRASTINATION. You will show up in the power of your uniqueness and life becomes a kaleidoscope of possibilities and opportunities. Including manifesting money and abundance.

 When you are OVERCOME by the MINDTRAP of SCARCITY, you believe the glass is half empty rather than half full. You have the limiting belief that there will never be enough for you and so you lack being driven by an abundant consciousness.

In fact, when all you see is SCARCITY all around you, you shut down your possibility and opportunity frequencies and you hold yourself back from opening the Doors To Prosperity that is available to you.

Being in a MINDSET OF SCARCITY is a dangerous place to live from. When you do you make numerous inexcusable excuses diffusing the energy it takes to create strong and empowering MONEY, ABUNDANCE, AND WEALTH BELIEFS.

 HOWEVER, when you apply laser-like focus and confidence to all you do including attracting MONEY AND ABUNDANCE, you will no longer fall prey to the false pretenses and debilitating energy of SCARCITY.

You will show up in the power of your uniqueness and life becomes a kaleidoscope of possibilities and opportunities. Including manifesting money and abundance.

And you no longer see criticism and confrontation as an indictment of your character. But rather as information that will give you new empowering viewpoints of possibility.

You see, you can consciously tell yourself all day long that you want to be rich, prosperous, and wealthy. But on a SUBCONSCIOUS level, if you believe that money and abundance will elude you no matter what you do, you will always repel the wealth and abundance you desire.

And you will miss out on the opportunities available to you to create and manifest MONEY and ABUNDANCE.

When the MINDTRAPS of PROCRASTINATION and SCARCITY have a GRIP ON YOU you find excuses not to take action because you are caught in the mentality of not enough, and so you won’t follow through on what deep down you know is what you should do.

You will avoid making choices and taking actions that make you uncomfortable and challenge you. When in fact making these kinds of choices and actions actually elevates, exercises, and strengthens your MONEY AND ABUNDANCE manifesting muscle.

When both of these MINDTRAPS come together, it’s a perfect storm for you to give up on yourself and to adopt a belief system that disempowers rather than empowers you. Where everything becomes a challenge to make decisions that support your growth and transformation…especially in crucial moments.

In fact most of the time, you end up convincing yourself you lack the strength and courage to make the hard choices in life that will open up DOORS OF PROSPERITY.


Now, the first thing to know is that it’s not your fault that you have these subconscious MINDTRAPS They most likely have been running amok in your mind for such a long time that you have become really good at being able to make excuses for them.

They are a culmination of a lifelong belief system that has not been developed to understand the importance of making choices and taking actions that support you. Choosing instead to stay stuck in your COMFORT ZONE. What I call your NO ZONE.

In fact, once you understand there are always 2 forms to an excuse: The excuse and then the excuse you make for the excuse, you will unconsciously anchor the excuse as truth and it becomes your reality. And you believe this is the way it is no matter what.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the shift you have to make so you no longer are a slave to the MINDTRAPS of PROCRASTINATION and SCARCITY. It is going to take a determined resolve on your part to want to change.

The good news is you can break free from the chains that have you shackled in PROCRASTINATION and SCARCITY. When you do, your life will consistently flow in a conscious frequency of infinite abundance and possibilities.

Once you decide to release the MINDTRAPS that are running your life, causing deeply held subconscious beliefs, patterns, and triggers that drive your choices in life, never supporting your true intentions, they will lose any power they have over you.

And then, I can assure you, the DOORS OF PROSPERITY will open up and your life will never be the same. You will be on the way to jumping into life ALL IN and having the steadfast resolve to face any challenge as an opportunity because you BELIEVE IN YOU.


Understand your subconscious mind is the REAL driver behind all of the results you see or don’t see in your life. It’s where all of your most deeply held beliefs, memories, and feelings are stored, and it’s 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious, thinking mind.

What you believe on a subconscious level WILL determine the energy you put out into the world and what you attract back into your reality… and this includes money, abundance, and wealth creation


So, when you RESET, REWIRE and RECODE your subconscious belief system to repeat new, more empowering beliefs that money and abundance is important and that having more of them is a priority for you, your relationship with money and abundance will be transformed forever and you’ll quickly begin finding yourself attracting more of it in surprising and miraculous ways.


  • What can you do to shift the beliefs you have around money and abundance?
  • What will it take for you to manifest a constant flow and energy of wealth?
  • What new behaviors will you repeat to build your money and abundance muscle?

If you’re not making as much money as you’d like, if you’re drowning in debt if you just can’t seem to get ahead… chances are your mind has been taken over by the insidious nonsense your MINDTRAPS are telling you.

The ONE THING that determines your SUCCESS in life is your WILLINGNESS to release the beliefs and behaviors that have sabotaged you from believing you are valuable and have a gift that must be shared.

When you finally believe this, you will wake up each day ready to tackle any challenge, knowing you have the energy and vitality to power through. You Instinctively Know, Nothing Can Stop You!


 This results report just scratches the surface about MINDTRAPS. I invite you to go deeper with me on the FREE MINDTRAPS MASTERCLASS, where I will share with you all I know, so you never again fall prey to the debilitating grip of any MINDTRAP.

It’s time to observe, identify, and release the grip your MONEY and ABUNDANCE MINDTRAPS have on you. It’s your choice!

I encourage you to do the following exercise so you create a plan to release them. We will discuss this at greater length on the FREE MASTERCLASS.

  • Write down 5 ways that a PROCRASTINATION mentality limits your ability to focus and think abundantly
  • Write down 5 ways you consistently allow SCARCITY to block you from creating money and wealth
  • Write down 3 action steps you will take to break free from the hold each of these MINDTRAPS has on you

In closing, PROCRASTINATION paralyzes your ability to think in ways that encourage abundant and prosperous choices and actions and SCARCITY limits your ability to think IN WAYS that encourages you to believe anything is possible.

Together these TWO MINDTRAPS are opportunity killers. They will always get in the way of you SCULPTING YOUR LIFE in a field of abundant prosperity.

It’s time for you, to no longer be stuck in the storms of mediocrity. Where you constantly doubt your abilities and where a sea of indecision determines and rules your choices in life.


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So let’s get started on your journey to BUST YOUR RESISTANCE and learn the strategies, systems, and tools I have spent years designing that give you the confidence so from this day forward, YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN ALLOW YOUR MINDTRAPS to hold you hostage and deny you the freedom to live your IDEAL ABUNDANT LIFE.