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The Sculpting Your Life

One on One


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This is a year-long coaching experience designed to help you achieve the Chief Aims in your life by creating a personal plan to keep you focused, disciplined, engaged and on track.

No matter what you are working on, each week we spend 45 minutes of “Creative and Critical Thinking Time” on the strategies and frameworks that will keep you in action so you achieve massive success in your life.

Together We Will Develop The Rituals, Habits And Mindsets So YOU Unlock Your Unique Ability To Master Living Your IDEAL LIFE

  • Strategic Planning

  • Vision Creation

  • Creative & Critical Thinking Time

  • Daily Action Planning

  • Future Forward Exercises

  • Maps Of Possibilty

  • 1year / 3year / 5 year Future Forward Vision Of Opportunity

  • How To Create Strategic Chief Aims

  • Full Engagement Success Strategies

  • and much more...

  • This intensive experience requires a year’s commitment. It involves a highly accountable mindset and a disciplined approach for creating success every day. I WILL BE YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER.


    Paul Hoffman is a Personal Discovery Architect and the Chief Inspiration and Happiness Officer of The Success Creation Institute and Sculpting Your Life.

    Paul is a leading expert on how to develop “Mindsets Of Success,” powerful “Success Habits” and “The Daily Rituals” that help anchor a new way of thinking, that expands your vision of what’s possible in your life.

    He teaches you how to direct your mind, so you begin to SCULPT THE MASTERPIECE KNOWN AS YOU. His passion and commitment is to help people go from the impossible to the possible and live the Ideal Life they desire and deserve!

    The Sculpting Your Life Mindset Experience System Is:

    Daily 3-minute morning accountability calls.

    Weekly 45 minute success coaching calls

    4 in person one day intensive live mindset meetings, 1 each quarter

    Assorted systems, framework and strategy documents

    Massive support and follow up

    This program is only for those people that are serious about taking their life success to the next level. It is application based. I am only interested in working with people who are interested and serious about designing a future that is extraordinary.

    To Apply Or If You Know Anyone Who Can Also Benefit Email Us At:

    [email protected]

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