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With Paul Hoffman

Defining Conversations With The Unusual Suspects Who Make Every Moment A Defining One… Insights, Wisdom and Forward Thinking To Inspire PERSONAL DISCOVERY So U, “Sculpt The Masterpiece Known As U”


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Paul Hoffman

Paul Hoffman is “The Personal Discovery Architect.” He is the Visionary, Master Possibility Enforcer and Creator of Sculpting Your Life.

The Sculpting Your Life Experience teaches you that the greatest obstacle to success is you. And once you are committed, disciplined, dedicated and determined to get out of your own way, you “Sculpt The Masterpiece Known As YOU.”

Paul is an expert on how to develop “Daily Activating Rituals,” “Integrated Success Habits,” and “MindStates Of Success” that anchor a new way of thinking, expanding your vision of what’s possible in your life.

Over the last 15 years he has designed processes to empower people to RESET, REWIRE and RECODE their SUPERMIND for success, by helping them identify the MINDTRAPS that sabotage you on a daily basis.

His courses and Tuning IN Brain Retraining Technology have been consumed by more than 3,000,000 people worldwide helping them to create more wealth, ideal health, unstoppable self-confidence, clarity, focus, productivity and meaningful and powerful personal and business relationships on their path to success.

He has spoken and shared stages with extraordinary thought, business and spiritual leaders including, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, The Dali Lama, Robert Allen, Stephen Covey, Marci Shimoff, Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, Peter Diamandis, Loral Langemeier, JJ Virgin, Mike Koenigs, Alex Mandossian, Cynthia Kersey, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Beckwith and Marisa Peer just to name a few.

Some interesting sidelights about Paul’s life: he went to college on a basketball scholarship, he was Pink Floyd’s tour manager, he overcame a drug addiction and his mother lived to be 104 and grandmother 109.

And, Paul wrote the very famous advertising song…Have You Driven A Ford…Lately?

He believes that once you Tune IN to your unique gift and get out of your own way, you will shape shift your destiny and sculpt your life, fearlessly unleashing your highest potential.

His success mantra is, "Personal discovery always precedes personal development, YOU first have to discover what YOU want to develop.

Paul will inspire you to “Sculpt The Masterpiece Known as YOU.”

Sculpting Your Life Podcast


Welcome to the Sculpting Your Life Transformational Havoc Podcast hosted by Paul Hoffman, The Personal Discovery Architect. Each week, Paul will share powerful insights, wisdom, strategies, cutting edge technologies and flat out awesome inspiring ideas designed to empower you to Sculpt The Masterpiece Known As YOU.

Paul will share, what it takes to have a committed, determined and dedicated master plan to design and develop the “Daily Activating Rituals,” “Integrated Success Habits,” and “MindStates Of Success” that anchor a new way of thinking, breaking free from the MindTraps holding U back and expanding your vision of what’s possible in your life.

Paul calls his quests the “Unusual Suspects” who are doing extraordinary work in the world. The great thinkers, doers, rebels and disrupters that are designing and sharing cutting edge knowledge and proven strategies that are shaping the new and innovative model of success, where we break free from the norms of mediocrity and breakthrough so we use our full potential to be the best U in all U do.

Paul Will Talk About:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Bio Hacking

  • Mind Hacking

  • Weight Loss

  • Fitness

  • Relationships

  • Confidence

  • Mindset

  • Habits

  • Spirituality

  • The New Model Of Business Building

  • Success Rituals

  • Philanthropy

  • Mental Clarity

  • Money

  • Creativity

  • Productivity

  • Marketing

Sculpting Your Life is a fun, fast-paced no holds bared, free spirited conversation about living your Ideal Life. In this easy to digest bite-sized podcast, U will discover Paul’s unique brand of Personal Discovery that will take U on a journey to Sculpting The Masterpiece Known As YOU.

No matter where U are on your learning line in life, The Sculpting Your Life Transformational Havoc Podcast will sharpen your edge with simple actionable strategies to open your mind, enhance your focus, and fast-track your way to success.

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