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“Tuning IN A Higher Form Of Meditation”

(Price Point $97.00) With A 50% Commission

Perfect For: Personal Development And Growth, Weight Loss And Health, Confidence For A Winners Mind, Deeper Love, Intimacy And Relationships, MIndStates And MindSet, Focus And Productivity, Spirituality And HealingAnd Assistance With Deeper And Restful Sleep

Sculptations Is A Radical Revolutionary Brain Re-Framing
Subconscious Success System Tuning IN Audio Process.

Designed To Reset, Rewire And Re-Code Your SUPERMIND
For The Massive Success U Desire In Your Life.

Sculptations Combines Our Unique Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT), A Proprietary Sequencing Of Rhythms, Tones, And Sound Frequencies That Are Carefully Sculpted To Stimulate, Balance, And Activate The Four Holistic Intelligences, Our Unique MindSculpting Awakening Process And Deep Dive MindTunes Music. It Is Binaural Beat Technology Unlike Anything Else out There… Sculptations is the only real world method for becoming “Limitless!” Get Ready To Instantly Experience Deeper Levels Of Consciousness And Master MindStates Of Success For Greater Wealth And Abundance, Ideal Weight And Health, Unstoppable Self-Confidence/Winners Mind,Sharper Focus, Deeper Love And Intimacy, Fearless Creativity And Inspiration, Moments Of Rejuvenation,Deeper And Restful Sleep And So Much More….A Sculptations Experience Empowers The Listener To“Sculpt The Masterpiece Known s U And Live Your EPIC IDEAL LIFE, In As Little As 5 Minutes.

“Sculptations is amazing. I love how they sound, the MRT, music and MindSculptingquickly put me i a state of relaxation. I also experienced a pause in my mind chatterresulting in sharper focus and productivity. This is a great tool to use in my coaching businessTruly beautiful.”  

– Janet Brink, Leadership And Life Coach

 “This morning I started with the Advanced Millionaire Mindset Sculptation which is phenomenal, (and the one I wanted most support with right now). Then I did the Great Morning Great Day guided Tuning IN and was blown away! Sculptations is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so very much, Paul. I look forward to using these regularly and passing on my experience to others. Have a blessed day, my friend!”

– Lorrie (Lo) Morgan, Copywriter Extraordinaire

"I was referred to Sculptations by a friend who thought the MindSculpting Experiencewould help me with my work day. My job is fast paced and I often felt frantic while multi-tasking.The Sharper Focus Series completely changed the way I work!I simply turn it on, Tune IN and keep it on “Repeat” while I’m at my desk.It’s so simple! I feel calmer and more productive. I leave my office feeling great."

– Catherine Campbell, Entrepreneur

"As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for anything that motivates me or inspires me. I can attest that Paul Hoffman’s Sculptations delivers both. The Sharper Focus Series is better than any cup of coffee when it comes to focusing my mindset and keeping me in the moment. My other favorite is The Creativity and Inspiration Series, which helps me channel my muse when I need it most. My advice to anyone on the fence about the Sculptations Tuning IN MindSculpting Experience…Try it, love it, live it!"

– Ruth Awad, Marketer


“Hear Life From A Higher Vibration”

(Price Point $33.00) With A 50% Commission

Perfect For: Anyone Seeking To Take Their Life To The Next Level In A Fun And Powerful Way. SuccesSsongs will change your MindStates, Behaviors And Beliefs. These Songs Were Written For T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard Marci Shimoff, Cynthia Kersey, Alex Mandossian And Many More

SuccessSongs, Are The Perfect Compliment And Companion To Sculptations

Each Song Is A Musical Journey, Anchored In Life Principles. Listen And Dance Your Way To Success, And Hear LIFE From A HIGHER VIBRATION.

“Paul Hoffman is one of my favorite songwriters and artists.The song he wrote for me, “Breakthough To Success” will create new neural pathways. When you listen to Paul’s Songs, the power of his songs inspire you to know how you can step into success.”

– Jack Canfield, Co-author Of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup For The Soul

“Paul Hoffman’s Success Songs will inspire, empower and motivate you to change your thinking. Listen to these songs every day and transform the way you think about yourself and your life.”

– T Harv Eker, NY Times Best Selling Author Of Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind And TheFounder Of Peak Potentials Training

“If you really want to be unstoppable. Listen to Paul Hoffman’s SuccesSsongs every day. You’ll not only love the music, you’ll be inspired, invigorated and supported to joyfully create the life of your dreams.”

– Cynthia Kersey Founder Of The Unstoppable Foundation

Hi Paul, I did want to let you know I am listening to your success songs every day and so far, I can say that I love your songs and music. I feel that they are serving to re-enforce my confidence, and keeping me aware of not giving power to self-doubt and old conditioned thinking. You are a great gift everyone should listen to your songs.

– Nancy Jameson, Taos, New Mexico


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