Paul’s Story

Paul Hoffman

Paul Hoffman is “The Personal Discovery Architect.” He is an internationally known Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach and Transformational Musician. He is the Visionary and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Success Creation INstitute and creator of Sculpting Your Life.

Paul believes that “Personal discovery always precedes personal development, “YOU first have to discover what YOU want to develop.” And when you do, you get to “Sculpt The Masterpiece Known As You.”

Through the powerful principles of the Sculpting Your Life platform, Paul empowers and inspires people to sculpt, claim and own their desire to have and live their Ideal Life. Paul teaches that the first step to achieving success is to learn how to get out of your own way.

Paul’s amazing content…has empowered and transformed thousands of people worldwide to create more wealth, ideal health, unstoppable self-confidence, more clarity and focus and meaningful and powerful personal and business relationships on their road to success.

It wasn’t always like that for Paul. 28 years ago, he was in the in the grips of what seemed to be an insurmountable drug addiction. Paul had gone from being a successful multi-millionaire to hitting rock bottom searching for his true identity. His pain was so life threatening that Paul did the only thing he knew he had to do. He made the decision to turn his life around.

He has dedicated his life to helping people understand that no matter what you may think are your circumstances, you have the power to rewrite the story of your life.

Whether you participate in his

DaySculpting, Sculptations, Strong Mind Strong Body Strong U, Daily Good Morning Great Day, The Circle Of Brilliance, Omharmonics through Mindvalley, listen to his Success Songs, or experience his Personal Group or One On One Coaching…

He instills the power of discipline, dedication and determination, through a practice centered in Rituals, Habits and Mindsets, so your thoughts, beliefs and choices are anchored in a Mindset Of Success. And then, the intentions of your actions will match your commitment.

Some of the people Paul has shared the stage with are:

The Dali Lama, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, John Assaraf, JJ Virgin, Joe Polish, Stephen R. Covey, Joe Polish, Ray Kurzweil, Loral Langemeier, Cynthia Kersey, Peter Diamandis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Vishen Lakhani, and many other forward thinking thought leaders in business and personal life growth.